KXO-410 24.0Mhz Geyer

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KXO-410 24.0Mhz Geyer

KXO-410 24.0Mhz

in stock, 24.0Mhz crystal oscillator, DIP8 package

Please contact us for a quotation: Tel. 0721 15108-0

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Part Manufacturer Datecode Description
D27C020-150V10 Intel in stock, DIC32 package
D27C2001D-15 NEC 9043+ in stock, DIC32 package, other names: UPD27C2001D-15, µPD27C2001D-15
AM27C020-205DC AMD 953 in stock, DIC32 package
AM27C020-200DC AMD 008 in stock, DIC32 package, marking on part: AM27C020-200DC/E
MIS-29515/35 Raytheon 8419 in stock, on original green textool socket
NFM840R01F101T1M00 Murata 98+ in stock, T+R, one complete reel
52.416Mhz in stock, 52.416Mhz HC49US 32pF Crystal / Quarz
WM-52BM Panasonic 8E18 in stock, electret condenser microphone
V30145-F180-Y13-2 Tele Quarz Group 9814 in stock, freuquency: 29491,200
MC946F Motorola 7944 in stock, in original tubes and in green sockets, other markings on part: SC61617FH1, quad inverter, -55 to 125°C operating temp. Range, case 607 (ceramic package)