M57710A Mitsubishi

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M57710A Mitsubishi
in stock. equivalent to SC1010 (ICOM). These are the last ones we have, We have sold hunderts of them but now we have NO FURTHER ACCESS anymore from our sources. If they are gone, they are gone!!!

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Bezeichnung Hersteller Datecode Beschreibung
M57704SH Mitsubishi 4804-F on stock
M57704SL Mitsubishi 974AA in stock
M57704UH Mitsubishi 4Z01-F in stock
M57704UL Mitsubishi 009AA in stock, DC marking on part: 009AA
M57704UL Mitsubishi 014AA in stock, DC marking on part: 014AA
M57713 Mitsubishi 5401 on stock
M57715 Mitsubishi 1307 + 2601 in stock, DC marking on part: 1307 + 2601
M57715R Mitsubishi in stock
M57716 Mitsubishi 003AA in stock, equivalent to SC1016 (ICOM) you may change Pin 2 and 3 depending on the ICOM series you are using