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  • BSM150GT120DN2

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QtyPartManufacturerDatecodeDescriptionPhotoData Sheet 
BSM150GT120DN2 Infineon 1632 in stock, brand new and original, from the last production lot, RohS compliant Foto BSM150GT120DN2 priceinfo
BSM150GT120DN2    Foto BSM150GT120DN2 Online Inquiry
BSM150GT120DN2    Foto BSM150GT120DN2 Online Inquiry

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Part Manufacturer Datecode Description
RD00HHS1 Mitsubishi 1203 in stock, SMT package, ROHS, factory package tubes with original labels 
RD07MVS1B Mitsubishi 1347 in stock, SMT package, ROHS, factory packaged with original label 
RD06HHF1 Mitsubishi 10ZAB-G in stock, TO220 package, RohS compliant 
S202SE2F Sharp E3 in stock, SIP4 package, Rohs compliant, factory packaged box with original label 
MC33171P On Semi 0607 in stock, DIP8 package 
AQY221N1SZ Panasonic  in stock, ROHS compliant 
2SC4488S-AN On Semi  in stock, SC71 package, Rohs compliant 
MC14584BCP On Semi 1138 in stock, DIP14 package 
R6522P Rockwell 9303 in stock, DIP40 package 
OC75N DSI 1510 in stock, TO1 

Please contact us for a quotation:
Tel. 0721 15108-0