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  • RA30H0608M

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QtyPartManufacturerDatecodeDescriptionPhotoData Sheet 
368 RA30H0608M Mitsubishi 05+ lead time: 1 week to us   priceinfo
RA30H0608M Mitsubishi 103AB-G in stock, Rohs compliant   priceinfo
RA30H0608M Mitsubishi 103AB-G in stock, Rohs compliant   Online Inquiry

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Part Manufacturer Datecode Description
PC837 Sharp X3 in stock, DIP12 package 
N28F001BXB150 Intel U73797J2 in stock, PLCC32 package 
243-23716-15F EPT 2013 "in stock, header, PCB Mount, Pitch = 2mm (0.079""), Rohs compliant" 
S-AV37 Toshiba 5D in stock 
D461D HFO A5 in stock, DIP14 package 
2SC2510 Toshiba 0A in stock, Rohs compliant 
C1206C106K9PACTU Kemet 13+ in stock, 10uF 6.3V X5R 1206 package, Rohs, cut tape 
BDX65C Philips 8218 in stock, TO3 package 
N28F001BXT150 Intel U4070028 in stock, PLCC32 package 
N28F001BXT150 Intel U44087J2 in stock, PLCC32 package 

Please contact us for a quotation:
Tel. 0721 15108-0