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  • SAA3004P

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QtyPartManufacturerDatecodeDescriptionPhotoData Sheet 
1641 SAA3004P PHS     Online Inquiry
152 SAA3004P Philips 8814+ in stock, DIP20, remote control transmitter   Online Inquiry
86 SAA3004P Philips 9509 in stock, DIP20 package   Online Inquiry
66 SAA3004P Philips 8814 in stock, DIP20 package   Online Inquiry
41 SAA3004P MBR  IR RC TRANSM.448 COMM.   Online Inquiry
33 SAA3004P   Fernbedienungs-Sender DIP20   Online Inquiry
10 SAA3004P PHILIPS     Online Inquiry

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Part Manufacturer Datecode Description
GAL16V8-25QJ Lattice 893907 in stock, PLCC20 package 
SAB82532N-10 V3.2A Infineon 0026 in stock, PLCC68, 100% new and unused 
B125/110-2 DSI  in stock, bridge rectifier 
PC74HCT283T Philips 9010 in stock, SO16 package 
SAA3004P Philips 8814 in stock, DIP20 package 
IXFK48N50Q IXYS 1242 in stock, TO264 package, Rohs, fully traceable 
M67742 Mitsubishi 43AA in stock 
2N6500 Harris 9136 in stock, TO66 package 
TLP181 (GB-TPL,F) Toshiba 1242 in stock, SOP4 package, T+R, factory packaged, Rohs compliant 
UPD72001C-11 NEC 0529 in stock, DIP40 package 

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Tel. 0721 15108-0