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  • SD1446

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QtyPartManufacturerDatecodeDescriptionPhotoData Sheet 
SD1446 STM 0139 in stock, hfe code: J Foto SD1446 priceinfo
SD1446    Foto SD1446 Online Inquiry
230 SD1446 ST  SOT-121 package, Foto SD1446 Online Inquiry
16 SD1446 STM 0139 in stock, hfe code: J, factory packaged with original label. PB free pins Foto SD1446 Online Inquiry
SD1446    Foto SD1446 Online Inquiry

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Part Manufacturer Datecode Description
M67727 Mitsubishi 05A in stock 
M67781L Mitsubishi 006AD in stock 
M67796 Mitsubishi 4XAA in stock 
UAA4003DP STM 8946 in stock, DIP16 
RD00HVS1 Mitsubishi 07+ in stock 
SD1446 MP STM 184J in stock, matched pairs 
2SC2904 Mitsubishi 1ZAA+ in stock 
MC6875L Motorola 8929 in stock, DIC16 package 
2N2905 MEV  in stock, TO39 package 
TMM2018AP-25 Toshiba 8802 in stock, DIP24 package 

Please contact us for a quotation:
Tel. 0721 15108-0